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Welcome to the all new KZQZ 1430 AM, "Hot Talk and Cool Oldies."

KZQZ 1430 AM

Welcome to, "Official  Website of KZQZ 1430 AM."


Enjoy today's "Hot Talk Radio" as well as the true
Golden Oldies from the 1950's and 1960's

The Kraziest bunch of Renegades on the Radio
today.  They are truly nutz!  KZQZ 1430AM, Your
Official Station for Hot Talk and Cool Golden Oldies.
1st Amendment and All American Station!
A Division of Insane Broadcasting.

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4th Annual Show Off Auto Show

The time to Show Off on Sunday, August 10 from 9am-4pm during the Show Off Auto Show at District 9 Hall & Conference Center, 12365 St. Charles Rock Road, 63044.
Free spectator admission.
American Red Cross Blood Drive
BE The Match Drive
School Supply Giveaway
Food Trucks
Contact Info: or 636.492.1750
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Pokey Wizwell's Vintage Resale Emporium

I am new to St Louis and so is my business. This station is on all the time in the shop because it sounds just like the station I grew up with. Thanks and keep it up. Love it!!!
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KZQZ Received in Kansas City

I was driving to work early Friday morning May 30th and heard KZQZ for a few miles in the Northeast part of Kansas City. I'm sure it was a skip but your station sounded great and it was nice to hear some real oldies for a change. My in-laws live in STL so I'm thinking I may need to check out KZQZ when out there visiting. As an engineer for a local radio group it is always nice to hear the signal is getting out loud and clear!
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A Golden Gem

Found you via forum.

I am listening in Atlanta, Ga. via streaming. My only complaint is, I can't take you with me in the car.

Does this mean I now need to invest in a mobile traveling home?

I am spreading the word via facebook on this Golden Gem. You guys need to offer an App.

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Lovin The BLUES

1st timer to your show.just turned on to your show from by buddy Lou Babinga from St.Louis.when he said you guys play killer BLUES i just had to come here and see and he was right!!!:)))being from Memphis you know i gotta love those BLUES!! you guys rock!!

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just a request. no need to post

I am just writing to request a song that I remember from my VERY young days and that is Dee Dee Sharp's "Ride". I'm hoping you have it in your library. I've been listening to KZQZ for a couple of years now and hear you guys are good on on-air people (I've been on-air myself and figure you don't need any help in that department.) The signal is great, now that you have 50,000 watts, at least at day-time, (I'm a broadcast engineer, just in case you need one.) But that front office decor.... I'll have to get my wife to help with it! ;-) Just kidding!!! Rock and Roll, Brothers and Sisters!!!
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Wherever I go, you go with me

I grew up in the 60/70's in St. Louis. I now live in Florida, and I mainstream you on my computer. I love your station. I will soon be moving to Arkansas, but you can believe, you will go with me. KZQZ is the BEST!
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Brad Coleman

I have to work with brad Coleman. I'm hoping that he gets nothing he is giving all state workers a bad wrap. If you look he has around 14 years in with the state. He is asking for 7 years of disabilities which would put him at a 20 year pension. I hope people look into this. He has also been planning to quit for a while to open his own barbershop. Also check into his other workers comp claims. This guy is a crook.
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More double dipping and cronyism

Where did St. Clair County get the money for a newly created position in the SCC prosecutors office. This sounds like another well connected person that will be double dipping in the pension funds. Was this position advertised?

Thank you,