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"The Poor side of Town"

Hey fellows: I can easily say that I enjoy the style, and selection idea of your oldies listening format; along with saying that, I need to express that I really do listen... So, I notice that my well-missed but gadly welcomed tune by Johnny Rivers, the "Poor Side of Town", made your air-space; I personally think this song is just mellow and sweet listenin' that was made to soothe the soul; the problem is that someone have decided to not play the whole song; In respect to the your dedicated listeners and in regards to your desire to fill a missing link in sound, please, please, please, in the name of James Brown, Play the whole Song; but don,t tease or antagonize your listeners, cause we can find that anywhere; bye the bye, the last part of "The Poor Side of town, in my opinion is the best part, absolutely beautiful; to not finish this croon is truly a musical crime; so work it out my friends and may the music continue to flow...
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Politics in St. Clair County

<p>Can you check into why the Stookey Township Highway Commissioner, Don Lillis, is using Stookey Township funds and personnel to cut in a road on his son's property located at the end of French Quarter off of 82nd Street in Belleville? I have pictures! Thanks!</p>
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Soooooo Happy I Found KZQZ

Found your radio station last week and have been thoroughly enjoying it ever since!

Noticed you have someone with the last name of Romanik on your staff, is he or his family from the East St. Louis? We had Romanik families in Rosemont/Washington Park, Illinois in the late 60's, early 70's.

I'll be telling family and friends about your wonderful radio station - Always, have a song in your heart, make every day count.
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Welcome to the all new KZQZ 1430 AM, "Hot Talk and Cool Oldies."

KZQZ 1430 AM

Welcome to, "Official  Website of KZQZ 1430 AM."

Featuring Bob Romanik, "The Grim Reaper of Radio!"
Enjoy today's "Hot Talk Radio" as well as the true
Golden Oldies from the 1950's and 1960's

The Kraziest bunch of Renegades on the Radio
today.  They are truly nutz!  KZQZ 1430AM, Your
Official Station for Hot Talk and Cool Golden Oldies.
1st Amendment and All American Station!
A Division of Insane Broadcasting.

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Kissing 102.5 FM and 103.3 FM Good-bye!

I have to gvie the credit for finding this Radio station to a very outgoing young man that works at Trader Joe's in Brentwood. -- What a throwback experience it is to listen to this amazing radio station; just like the great music stations of the 60's and 70's. I can leave my 1974 table-top stereo/turntable (yes people, I still play all my vinyl) tuned to your station most of day and never get tired of listening. Your station is also playing on my AM/FM radio outside on my deck most of the day too. I doubt any nearby neighbors would ever complain. -- I just love, love, LOVE the vintage radio commercials. Saint Louis is SO lucky to have this radio station! :)
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The good old days.....

Nice to go to a familiar spot on the dial and find a wonderful KIRL successor. We appreciate the varied playlist presented by familiar record technicians. We can listen for a week and not hear any repeats. Along with the top twenty hits you play some of the lesser songs. It does appear you still have to drop the signal strength at sunset. Why does this arcane rule still exist?
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Classic Rock

Classic Rock is a beautiful thing but that from which it was derived is even better! KZQZ makes me feel like a kid again. I'd sure love to hear "The Wreck Of the Edmund Fitzgerald." Thanks for bringing the best back to St. Louis.
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FOX MAN cheers me up!

I was waking up this morning listening online to FOX MAN.. I have been depressed lately and feeling down and just by listening to FOX MAN He made my morning great! Thanks FOX MAN! I love you and the CRAZY Q.. Im listening now and to Jackie and Tina Sanders is up next! I have been listening All Day :D

Love you Crazy Q :)

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1959 ZENITH AM FM Clock Radio

General NewsI was visiting St. Louis this last weekend and i went to a Antique Mall down around Fenton, Mo. And while i was there i purchased a dated "1-30-59" ZENITH AM FM Clock Radio! And it worked and What was the first station i found and listend to on it!! KZQZ And when The Twist by Chubby Checker came on i seriously thought that I was for a few minutes in 1961 I couldnt have been more happier!! I dont live in St. Louis But gosh i wish i did so my new ZENITH Clock Radio could put out that good CRAZY Q Golden Oldies!! Man thanks KZQZ for the awesome moments i spent in St. Louis this last weekend! Listening to KZQZ On my 1959 ZENITH Clock Radio!!
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it is great to hear Ray Diamond back on St Louis radio.

great go Ray