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The Grim Reaper of Radio remembers!!!

To be "The Grim Reaper of Radio" takes a tough man, but Grim knows there is nothing tougher than being in a nursing home and lonely, especially during the holiday season.

The Grim Reaper of Radio has always stood for those who can't stand for themselves. The elderly and those confined to institutions, only to be forgotten, abused, and failing in health.

Grim reminds everyone, to take some time from your busy schedule, and visit those who have nobody to visit or spend some time listening to them.
You can beieve that The Grim Reaper of Radio has not, and will not forget the elderly for their contribution to society.
Do likeThe Grim Reaper of Radio and KZQZ 1430 AM, by caring for those who paved the way and made our road a little smoother.