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"On the Dark Side"

"On the Dark Side" with Bob Romanik
"The Grim Reaper of Radio!"
(Monday thru Friday 4pm until 5pm)

The Kraziest Son of a Bitch you'll ever hear on the radio.  Radio
  like you've never heard it before and will probably never want
to hear again. If you think the real grim reaper is scary, wait until
you see and listen to Bob Romanik "The Grim Reaper of Radio!".
The Grim Reaper's show will be like his face, very scary and very,
very ugly. "On the Dark Side" is the most controversial show on
radio today.  "The Grim Reaper of Radio" is not politically
correct or politically incorrect, he's politically insane!!!

After your Experience with Bob Romanik,
"The Grim Reaper of Radio",  
Death Just May be Enjoyable!