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St. Louis Typical Teen

In 1963 the St. Louis Hop with Russ Carter held a contest sponsored by Pepsi Cola to choose the St. Louis Typical Teen. Each week the show would pick a photograph of the winner that week from the entries sent in. The entry period ran 8 weeks and at the end of the eight weeks the finalists would come to the show and they would announce the winner. The prize was a date with the current Miss Missouri (Sandra K. Lyle) the use of a chauffeured Rolls Royce for the day. Dinner at the Three Fountains in Gaslight Square and a movie at the Cinerama. Paul and Paula were the live featured group at the Hop.
I believe there was never another subsequent contest for St. Louis Typical Teen.
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KZQZ's "St. Louis Hop

KZQZ's St. Louis Hop!

KZQZ, 1430 AM is proud to announce that in the near future will
be bringing back the old "St. Louis Hop".  Remember Russ
  and the St. Louis Hop back in the day?  Well, "We're Back"!

KZQZ 1430 AM, will soon present the all new KZQZ "St. Louis
. Every week you'll be able to dance to all your favorite
Golden Oldies from the past, visit with all the KZQZ Krazy Q
Jocks, hear live tribute acts like Elvis, Sinatra, Johnny Cash,
Beach Boys and many, many more.  We will have dance
contests, trivia, and many other activities for the 40 year
old plus crowd.  The St. Louis Hop will be limited to 40 year
old plus crowd.  There will be no other place like KZQZ's "St.
Louis Hop"
! Gals, wear your poodle skirts and guys bring your
letter sweaters and school jackets.  This dress is always
acceptable and expected at the KZQZ's "St. Louis Hop". You'll
get to meet old friends, make new friends, and dance the
night away.  You might just meet up with your old high
school flame or even meet a new one!

KZQZ 1430 AM will bring back all those great memories
that we love and never want to forget

KZQZ 1430 AM, bringing back a piece of Rock & Roll Heaven!

(In Negotiations to have the new "St. Louis Hop" televised like
the old "St. Louis Hop". You'll be able to watch you and your
friends dance on T.V.!!)

Stay Tuned for Event Details!